Hello! Welcome To Josh Grant's Math Newsletter

Yes, it's really about math

Hello! Welcome to Josh Grant’s Math Newsletter

I’m Josh Grant, and this is my newsletter, which is about mathematics. I’ve always loved math, even from an early age, and this newsletter is my way of getting back into it. Thank you for signing up!

This newsletter will have a new edition sent out periodically on the order of once a month. This may change, but let’s start small and build up.

What is it about? Mathematics. Each edition will have at least one of these three themes:

What is Math?

Where I take a deep dive into my experience of views of what mathematics is, isn’t and could be.

What’s New In Math?

Where I discuss recent events in the mathematics world, from newly proven (or disproven) results to people and places involving math

What’s Cool In Math?

Where I discuss something I think is interesting from the mathematics work

An an example, here’s a video I made from a series called Groups without Algebra, where I try to explain concepts from group theory without using any (any!) algebraic terms or expressions, keeping things quite visual.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this newsletter, tell them! Pass it around 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy!